Move-In Procedure for Home

1. Find a suitable auspicious day and time according to Tong Sheng (the Chinese Almanac); the selection of auspicious date should take into consideration of the birth data of the family members. Make sure no one clashes with that day of move-in.

2. Charcoal must be lit, burnt to red hot in an auspicious hour and be brought ALL the way from the front door to the kitchen (stove). The red charcoal represents a “Burning success”, and leading “hung” (redness - which means extreme good luck) into the house. It is not black charcoal.

3. Before entering the house, say a prayer at the door and proclaim that you are the rightful owner of the house and claim for its ownership and possession and politely ask any ‘uninvited guest’ to leave (or perform religious ritual/rite according to your religious belief).

4. The husband enters the house first with cash filled pockets and important documents i.e. shares & marriage certificates.) Other adult family members follow with jewellery & cash. Children carry their school bag filled with books.

5. No one should be empty handed. Bring the 5 necessities for kitchen (cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, rice) and some Chinese customs say bring brush and broom, bucket filled with water, pairs of chopstick or fork and spoon.

6. Open all the doors and windows and let the Chi flow through the house. Switch on the electricity, on the lights, fan/aircon, TV, sound system etc. Turn on the water tap and stove, let the water run and gas burned for a short moment – this is to signify the flow of energy/chi in the house.

7. Arrange the altar table (if any), offer prayers to the Deity for peace, harmony, health & prosperity.

8. If the furniture has not been place in, put them in now.

9. The bed-sheet should only be made at the moving in day.

10. Put red packets filled with money and sweets on tabletops - symbolises good fortune.

11. Cook the first meal at home. ONLY let FAMILY members eat the first meal. DO NOT share the first meal with anyone else or their WEALTH is believed to be shared




The information provided is only a general analysis and not intended as professional advice. You are advised to consult a professional Metaphysics consultant to have a personalised analysis based on your situation. I will not be responsible to you or any third parties for any direct or indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages or loses you may incur in connection with this analysis. You will bear the risk of any liability relating to this analysis.

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